tedee connects two distant worlds: cutting edge IT technology and classic mechanics. Our team has extensive experience in IT, design and manufacturing of the finest security products like locks and doors.

We design things to make your life easier. Introducing the smallest, most powerful and finest smart lock so far.

We care about your convenience and safety. Our lock meets the latest TLS 1.3 encryption protocol standard. The GERDA SLR Modular cylinder, a part of the tedee set, is certified in security class 6.

The tedee lock is an original product resulting from a partnership between Gerda and Predica. Both partners joined forces and combined their expertise to create the innovative smartlock. Gerda designed the mechanical part of the lock and its dedicated battery and Tedee is responsible for the retail, electronics and online integration.

Gerda (www.gerda.en) has more than 30 years of experience in the security and precision mechanics sectors, and Predica (www.predicagroup.com) is a renowned software house and award-winning Microsoft partner.

With their experience combined, they created the revolutionary smart tedee lock.

Išmanioji spyna Tedee Lock

Išmanioji spyna Tedee Lock

Spyna aprūpinta aukštos kokybės ilgalaikiu vidiniu ličio ir polimero akumuliatoriumi, įkraunamu stan..

Išmanios spynos tedee  valdiklis

Išmanios spynos tedee valdiklis

Tedee Bridge yra belaidis sistemos valdiklis, jungiantis išmanųjį telefoną su „Tedee“ spyna, jei nor..

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